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Martin Sorrondeguy has explored the underground and punk music scenes since the nineteen-eighties. As a member of bands that frequently travel, Sorrondeguy has been able to capture images of people and places while touring.

This body of work is a glimpse into an ever changing world of music, art, and culture that intentionally resides tucked away from the scope of the mainstream. Over decades Sorrondeguy has documented punk as it has shifted sonically, and stylistically but has kept his  finger on the shutter in order to capture all that happens to present itself amidst that experience. 

These photographs have been shot across the U.S. Mexico, Austrailia, Europe, Japan, as well as South America.

Three books have been released of his works the first titled PORQUERîA published by BASE, Tokyo, Japan, 2010. The second GET SHOT published by Make a Mess, Los Angeles,2012 and the third book EN BUSCA DE ALGO MAS was released in Buenos Aires in 2015. 





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